Why compare business gas suppliers?

When you compare business gas suppliers with Clearsight Energy, you’ll be using our trusted supplier network to access business gas quotes. Our online pricing tool enables you to instantly access prices and compare business gas suppliers from across the market. This streamlined process ensures you receive competitive rates, ultimately saving you valuable time.

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How we help you to switch business gas suppliers

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    Compare business gas quotes from around the market

    Use our online platform to compare business gas suppliers

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    Choose the right plan for your business

    Choose a business gas contract to proceed with and either renew or switch business gas suppliers

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    Sit back and relax whilst we sort the rest

    Once you have chosen your business gas contract, we will take care of everything for you.

Business Gas Suppliers

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With our online platform it only takes a matter of minutes to compare business gas suppliers. To get started:

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Understanding Business Gas Contracts


A fixed-term gas contract is the most common type of contract for businesses, offering a set unit price for the agreed-upon duration, providing stability and predictability in energy costs. This contract type shields businesses from market fluctuations but typically comes with a fixed duration between one to five years.


A variable price business gas contract is an agreement where the cost of business gas can fluctuate based on market conditions, offering flexibility but exposing businesses to potential price variations. Unlike fixed-term contracts, variable price contracts lack the stability of a consistent unit price and may be subject to market dynamics, making them more adaptable but less predictable.

Out of contract

An out-of-contract business gas arrangement occurs when a business continues to receive gas services without being bound by a formal contract. During this period, the business is typically charged at variable or default rates, which can be higher than negotiated contract rates. Being out of contract means the business has flexibility but may face less favorable pricing terms.


An extended gas contract is an agreement that prolongs the duration of a business gas contract beyond its initial term, ensuring continuity in energy supply. While an extended contract maintains existing terms and conditions, it’s important to note that the price is not necessarily fixed and may need to be renegotiated. This option allows businesses to enjoy ongoing stability in energy costs while providing the flexibility to revisit and update contract terms as needed.

Renewal Window

A renewal window for business gas contracts refers to the period during which businesses have the opportunity to review, negotiate, and potentially renew their existing gas contracts before they expire. It typically occurs in the months leading up to the contract’s end date. Businesses can explore different contract options, negotiate terms, or switch providers during this window to ensure continued seamless gas supply at optimal terms.

Termination notice

A termination notice in business gas contracts is a formal communication provided by either the business or the gas supplier to signal the intent to end the contractual agreement. The notice period and terms for termination are typically outlined in the contract terms and conditions. Businesses are required to adhere to these provisions, providing advance notice to the supplier before the intended termination date.

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Clearsight Energy have provided a quick and efficient service to our Parish Council. No pressurised selling was involved, just clear and constructive advice. We will look to using them in the future when our other utility contracts are up for renewal.

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