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With Clearsight Energy, switching business water supplier has never been simpler. Our smooth transition process takes away the hassle from you; our expert staff handles all communication with your water suppliers, schedules a convenient switch date, and guides you through each step of your water journey. Switch business water supplier with ease today!

Explore and compare water suppliers with Clearsight Energy for a seamless transition to the best option for your business.

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Understanding business water terms

Water retailer

Water retailers purchase water supply services from wholesalers on behalf of their customers, incorporating a slight markup to cover the costs of customer-facing activities.

Water wholesaler

Water wholesalers own and maintain the water network infrastructure in their designated areas, supplying water to businesses through this network. Their responsibilities encompass sourcing, treating, and transporting water, as well as collecting and treating wastewater, as well as repairs to the network. Wholesalers no longer engage in customer-facing activities such as billing and customer service.

SPID number

SPID stands for Supply Point Identification Number. It is a unique identifier assigned to a specific point in a water supply network, distinguishing individual supply points within that network.

Business Water Audit

A business water audit is a process for companies aiming to manage overhead costs effectively. It involves a thorough examination of water usage, helping identify and rectify any historic overcharges or leaks that may have gone unnoticed.


MOSL, or the Market Operator Services Limited, is a company in the United Kingdom responsible for operating the central market system for non-household water customers. It was established as part of the water market opening in England in April 2017.


A standpipe is an independent pipe equipped with a tap, typically connected to a washout hydrant to access water in areas lacking a direct water source.

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From first contact to completion in next to no time, clear, concise information with no messing around or hard sell. It was nice to be valued and not feel pushed into a deal that wasn’t right. Will definitely use again.

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Really honest and quality advice received. An easy switch to a better and more affordable provider. Simple documentation and a quick switch over… A happy customer 🙂

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