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Understanding commercial waste quotes

Glass Recycling

This waste typically includes items such as glass bottles, jars, containers, and packaging that are no longer needed or usable. Glass waste can also encompass broken or damaged glass products, such as windows or mirrors, that are disposed of during renovation or maintenance activities.

Dry Mixed Recycling

Dry mixed recycling in commercial waste refers to a waste management approach where various recyclable materials, such as paper, cardboard, plastics, metals, are collected together in a single container for recycling. This method allows businesses to conveniently dispose of multiple recyclable materials without the need for sorting them individually.

Food Waste Recycling

Food waste encompasses any unused or discarded food materials, including scraps, leftovers, and expired items, generated by businesses during food preparation, production, or consumption activities. While food waste is a concern for all businesses, it presents a particular challenge for those in catering, hospitality, and the food industry due to the nature of their operations.

Clinical Waste

Clinical waste refers to waste generated from healthcare and related activities that may present a risk of infection or prove hazardous. Examples include swabs, bandages, dressings, and medicines.

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