Why compare business electricity prices?

When looking to switch business electricity, comparing prices is the first step towards finding the right deal. Comparing business electricity prices with Clearsight Energy allows businesses to save time and achieve competitive prices when looking around the market. Firstly, our platform provides access to a wide array of electricity suppliers, facilitating the identification of the competitive rates and potential cost savings. If you are a higher user of business electricity, then we can offer bespoke pricing to help suit your business needs.

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    Once you have chosen your business electricity quote, site back and relax and we will do all the leg work for you!

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So you want to start saving on your Business Electric, here is a helpful guide of what you need.

If you’re considering comparing suppliers for your business electricity needs, here’s a useful guide outlining what you’ll need. It’s easy to compare business electricity prices with us, taking just a few minutes of your time. To get started, you’ll only require a few bits of information:

  • Your business name
  • Your business address
  • Your current business electricity contract end date
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Understanding business electricity contracts

Fixed-Term Contract

A fixed-term contract for business electricity is a commonly chosen option, offering a stable unit price throughout the agreed-upon period. This provides businesses with predictability and stability in their electricity costs, shielding them from market fluctuations. Typically lasting between one to five years, this contract type provides a reliable framework for budgeting and planning electricity expenses.

Variable Contract

A variable price business electricity contract is an agreement where the cost of electricity for businesses can fluctuate based on market conditions, offering flexibility but also exposing businesses to potential price fluctuations. Unlike fixed-term contracts, variable price contracts lack the stability of a consistent unit price and may be influenced by market dynamics.

Out of contract

An out-of-contract business electricity arrangement occurs when a business receives electricity services without being bound by a formal contract. During this period, the business typically faces charges at variable or default rates, which could be higher than negotiated contract rates. While being out of contract offers flexibility, it can also lead to less favourable pricing terms for the business.

Renewal Window

The renewal window for business electricity contracts refers to the period during which businesses can evaluate, negotiate, and potentially renew their existing electricity contracts before they expire. This timeframe typically occurs in the months leading up to the contract’s end date. Businesses can use this opportunity to explore different contract options and engage in discussions regarding terms for their new business electricity contracts.

Termination Notice

In business electricity contracts, a termination notice is an official communication issued by either the business or the electricity supplier, signifying the intent to end the contractual agreement. The notice period and termination terms are typically outlined within the contract’s terms and conditions. Businesses are required to adhere to these provisions, providing advance notice to the supplier before the intended termination date. The termination notice period varies among different business electricity suppliers.


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